Re: Router + Firewall?

From: Joe Bloggs (
Date: 01/25/02

From: Joe Bloggs <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 08:38:12 +0100

> I too was wondering this same thing. From my own experience, I can tell
> you that up until 4 days ago I was running ICS and using Norton Internet
> Security (Personal Firewall) on all my networked machines. Four days
> ago I bought a Linksys router with built in firewall and discontined
> using ICS. Since then, not one of my machines has seen even one
> intrusion attempt. Before, I was getting about 100 per day. The
> Linksys firewall log shows that these are still occuring, they're just
> not making it 'down' to my software firewall.
> I was wondering why the software firewall is even necessary. I guess it
> still would protect against an OUTBOUND (ie trogan) attempted access if
> I were ever unfortunate enought to become infected.
> > I'm also concerned about Printer and File Sharing, which is now
> > installed and enabled. How does one handle this, so as to protect
> > their security, but also be able to share files and a printer?
> >
> > Thanks for your help,
> >
> > Marge
> >
> >

I think you should all disconnect your machines from the network... I mean
its scary out there!.. I was running Cisco PIX behind a pair of load
balanced CPNG's which sit behind Gauntlet6 which is in the balance of my two
screening 7000 routers and then just for good measure I put Blackice onto
my laptop behind it all... and I still got alarms saying Intruders!!
Intruders!! Intruders!!

Now I wonder if I share my printer if it will get hacked? Anybody know of a
firewall for printers?