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From: Sick&Tired (
Date: 01/17/02

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    From: (Sick&Tired)
    Date: 17 Jan 2002 01:44:57 -0800

    NNTP-Posting-Host: 000.000.000
    INTP-Posting-Host: 000.000.000

    Funny thing above eh?


      Well, it looks like the person who "HACKED" Charles Moody of Minot,
    North Dakota
    is back at it again, this time, targeting Thomas Herrod i.e., me. It
    is a darn shame that
    this person is violating's Cross-Posting rules too.
    (One of the posts my child posted here, was redirected by this
    malicious person after they
    replied to the nasty persons post bashing me).

      It also looks like they have hacked Google itself, or, at the very
    least, is coordinating
    their smear campaign against me with the help of the person who
    started this
    NewsGroup or an employee from Google itself. Just look at their posts.


      It is also a sad thing, that one of my children, (with my watchful
    eye) posted to this group
    while I taught them how to help people against bad people, or post
    interesting Internet
    Security News that no one else posted.

      Yes, they are under 12 years of age, and the person stalking my
    child for posting FACTS
    on Internet related articles to the public, with Google's NG at is
    unexcusable. I will be contacting Google about this, and also
    requesting that the person(s)
    responsible be removed permanently from this group....FOREVER.

      I will also request, by law, that EVERY POST with my name or posted
    about me, be removed
    also from, by law, as posted on the FTC web site reguarding
    this type of
    problem. (Yes, I researched it quite well, and it would be in the best
    interest that
    complies with my request).

      Well, I guess I will be the first to apologize for my (indirect)
    involvement, and also for those
    that posted from my network, in defence of me. I did read them, and in
    my opinion, they just
    did what any friend would do under the circumstances. It is just too
    bad that Charles Moody
    is going around with his insane Tom did this, and Tom did that
    childishness, once again.

    (Yes Chuck, I know it's you. I also know you are using your typing
    skills to stir up trouble in
    other places also. It's your inherant nature to play with fire. I also
    know that you and your
    so called Internet Buddies are nothing short of trouble makers. It
    also makes me wonder
    when I discovered that so called "Virus" of yours, that you said you
    got from a friend, then
    asked me to analyze if I found anything, which I did and submitted to
    McAfee & Symantec.
    It now comes to mind that maybe "YOU" manipulated a known virus,
    submitted it to me
    for analysis, and also putting MINOT, ND on the map for an "UNKNOWN
    VIRUS" at
    that time after I confirmed it with McAfee. It makes me wonder, and I
    am sure the FEDS
    would like to know, what's on "YOUR COMPUTER").

      Well, yes, it is a Soap Opera, but I did try to help people. It is
    just sad that on
    the nasties are back in full swing once again.

    Not very many people post here anyway, and quite frankly, with all the
    curse mongers in here, it
    makes me lose my appetite to help people on an NG that can't even get
    it's act together. Worse
    yet, the nasty person who posted stuff about me, has a problem with
    posting misinformation and
    distorting the truth.

      My last words are this: News Groups are chuck-full of Internet
    Stalkers and nasty people.
    NG's are places to share ideas, common interests, and also a place for
    fun for which they
    were created. Some people, are just so mean and nasty, that they can
    only subdue their
    intolerable need for attention, by stirring up trouble where they

      Personally, I feel sorry for these troubled people, but it is not my
    place to give them threapy, nor
    give them that attention that their defficits need in life. I did
    calmly wait for a year, to see if this
    NG would "Grow-Up", but it looks like it is just the same way long
    ago. Childish, and inherantly
    dangerous to children from Internet Stalkers, and also from grown-ups
    stalking other grown-ups.
    I will never recommend this NG on my web site.

    Date: 01/17/2002

    Mr. Thomas P. Herrod aka/Internet Security Researcher, expect a call from me very soon regarding this serious

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