Have NAT Do I need more

From: Richard (rtgrenfell@dingoblue.net.au)
Date: 01/07/02

From: Richard <rtgrenfell@dingoblue.net.au>
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2002 10:30:06 +1000

Hi folks I am new to the group. I'm sure my question has been covered
before but it is such a big group, I'm not sure where to start

At present I have a Router with Nat. The question is do I need more
than that??

I have the client PC's configured with static IP address's 192.168.0.x
and point the gateway through the router.

If there are any URL's in regard to further security I would
appreciate them.

Is there any particular attacks I should be aware of etc etc.

I apologize for the broad nature of the question, I am really looking
to get pointed in the right direction and what peoples thoughts and
experiences are.


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