Re: Setting up FTP site in Windows 2000

From: Steven L Umbach (
Date: 04/23/05

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    Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 18:41:11 -0500

    Your welcome. Glad you are good to go now. --- Steve

    <> wrote in message
    > Hi Steven,
    > Thanks for the help. Got it sorted.
    > Paul
    > Steven L Umbach wrote:
    >> FTP permissions work in conjunction with ntfs permissions to restrict
    > or
    >> allow users or groups access with the most restrictive of the two
    >> permissions applying. In other words if your FTP site is set to read
    > only
    >> and a user has write access to a folder, they will not be able to
    > write to
    >> the folder. When configuring permissions make sure that only the
    > specific
    >> groups you want to have access are included in the permissions with
    > the
    >> proper permissions. Do not have everyone or users included for
    > instance if
    >> you want to restrict a folder to specific groups. If possible, have
    > your ftp
    >> folders on a different drive partition other than the system drive.
    > Do not
    >> enable anonymous access unless you want to allow anyone to access
    > your ftp
    >> server. Keep in mind that for FTP authentication that user
    > credentials are
    >> sent in clear text. The link below may help. --- Steve
    >> <> wrote in message
    >> > Hi,
    >> >
    >> > I wish to set up FTP so that a group of users have access to a
    > specific
    >> > location within my overall FTP site. Lets suppose that I have a
    >> > directory on my pc called App1 and I have created a new virtual
    >> > directory in my default FTP site that maps to it (therefore to
    > access
    >> > it I would navigate to ftp://ipaddress/app1). Now consider the user
    >> > group - call it App1FTPUsers. Every member of App1FTPUsers should
    > be
    >> > required to login and have read only rights - i.e. they should only
    > be
    >> > allowed download files and browse certain folders. Individual
    > members
    >> > of App1FTPUsers should only be able to access specific folders, for
    >> > example User1 should only be able to access a directory within App1
    >> > called User1 (e.g. ftp://ipaddress/app1/user1) and User2 should
    > only be
    >> > able to access a directory within App1 called User2 (e.g.
    >> > ftp://ipaddress/app1/user2) etc. No member of App1FTPUsers should
    > be
    >> > able to access anywhere outside of ftp://ipaddress/app1.
    > Furthermore, I
    >> > would like to retain the ability for certain other users ouside of
    > the
    >> > App1FTPUsers group (e.g. the local administrator etc.) to write to
    > the
    >> > directories involved.
    >> >
    >> > Please could somebody help me with the steps I should take to
    > achieve
    >> > this. I have set up the ftp virtual directory but have done nothing
    >> > about the security settings i.e. currently the App1FTPUsers group
    > does
    >> > not exist, I have Allow Anonymous Connections set to true for my
    > FTP
    >> > site, my FTP home directory has Read and Log Visits checkboxes
    > checked
    >> > - Write is unchecked. Everyone has full control on all the folders
    > that
    >> > are mapped to in ftp://ipaddress/app1. I am using Windows 2000 and
    > IIS
    >> > 6.0. The FTP server is not a domain controller.
    >> >
    >> > Thanks,
    >> >
    >> > Paul
    >> >

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