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From: Darko Gavrilovic (
Date: 03/23/05

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    Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 14:41:30 GMT

    les wrote:

    > Wanted to ask opinions.
    > I don't know where is the best forum for this, so I'll try here unless
    > someone has better ideas.
    > My wife was sending an email at work to her friend, and mentioned
    > she just learned she was pregnant. This good news was passed by
    > email. The IT guy at her company somehow read this mail and then
    > passed this "gossip" along in his conversations with other employees.
    > My issue here is two-fold :
    > 1. Is personal email on company computers private or not?
    > 2. Are the ethics in transmitting content of a non-threatening nature
    > such that this would be construed as violation of privacy?
    > My wife has no ill feelings toward this person, but thinks this behavior
    > is inappropriate and wonders what the consensus is. She wants to
    > confront him about this breach of ethics.
    > Thanks for any opinions.
    > Dr. Balla

    Hi. You are absolutely correct. It is very bad ethics and she should
    complain to her boss and the IT guys boss.

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