Granting Admin rights to non administrators

From: Admin (
Date: 02/02/05

Date: 1 Feb 2005 18:04:03 -0800

I'm a system administrator at a University. My primary responsibility
is to take care of the Microsoft side of the you can
imagine, security is always an issue. The management has told me that I
will grant domain administrator access to a certain individual (this is
not a request).
Unfortunately, this individual is not a system administrator. This
person is a manager that admits on his own accord "I'm not technical."
He is indeed talented within his own area - programming, project
management and "visionary" digital development. However, a sys admin
this does not make.
Since I have worked at this location (3+years), this individual has
attempted to gain such rights since day 1. From a sys admin point of
view, he does not need these rights...nor does he have the experience
or technical background to know what he's doing. Management has told me
that I will show him how to do what he wants. (I had to "show" him how
to have his computer join a domain and map a network drive last week).
The staff that report to him also admit that he does not need these
rights. The management has admitted that they are not making me give
this person domain admin rights for technical reasons....but to (and
I'm quoting here) - "stoke his ego."
I have tried explaining several times that this is a really really bad
idea....but have run out of arguments. I don't want to lose my job
here, but I also want to be able to have a credible future in this
career. So, my question(s) are:
What argument would you give / what would you do in this circumstance?
Do other folks have to deal with similar situations?
What protections can I provide for myself?
Am I the one being unreasonable? Am I just over reacting?
Thanks in advance.