Re: Boy in a Santa suit asked to quit dance

From: Brian LeDesma (
Date: 12/29/04

Date: 28 Dec 2004 23:13:38 -0800

It just seems to me if a school official dressed as Santa for a school
event, fine, make an arguement that the "govt" (in this case a middle
school employee) is sanctioning a christian holiday and therefore a
non-specific christian religion.

but if it's a kid, the school is violating the other half of that
clause - it is hindering the free excercise of the student. Had he been
wearing a yamaka (sp?) or some other religious costume or adornment
would the same controversy have ensued? It seems to me that an
individual who works for a public/govt organization should refrain from
openly displaying religious preferences only when in a professional,
work-related environment. At any other time, or if it's anyone else,
why should it be a problem?

And I'm being nice by merely accepting without debate the notion that
wearing a Santa suit is a religious statement. That dubious point
doesn't need to be refuted in pointing out the error of the school.