computer problem

From: R Hallock (
Date: 08/25/04

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 15:41:18 -0700

Can anyone help with this message and problem on my computer?

It is constantly shutting down with the message:
System shutdown
NT Authority\system windows must restart because the Remote Procedure Call
(RPC) service terminated unexpectatly.
The computer counts down from 59 seconds, to zero then reboots.

If you know why this is happening, and/or how to fix it, please reply!
I thought I must have a virus, but the computer shop said it has no virus'.
I thought maybe it did anyway, so I did a complete restore to the hard
I've also added a spyware program and I still am getting this message. I'm
usually online when it happens, on MS Explorer, would that matter?
Please help,