Re: Dual boot possible on a NT PC

From: Tom Saul (
Date: 05/10/04

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    Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 22:12:19 +0100

    "Albert" <> wrote in message
    > I bought twoyears ago a second hand laptop PIII with NT 4.0
    > It works fine, no problem at all.
    > But now I've a digital camera and want to connect it on the PC.
    > Of course the camera has only an USB connector but the NT doesn't
    > it.
    > So my question is: is it possible to make this PC dual boot with a
    > NT and a partition with Windows XP ?

    Firstly, there are a few NT USB drivers available and they do seem to work.
    Drop me an email and I'll dig one out for you if you want to try it.[1] So
    far it's been well tested on Dell Latitude systems and seems perfectly okay
    with zip drives, memory sticks and all-in-one printers. Cameras should be
    okay as well as they work as mass-storage devices, the same as USB memory

    For dual-booting with XP, you need at least Service Pack 4(IIRC) and
    preferably SP6a. Next, you need a good 1.5GB of space on an uncompressed
    drive. Install XP in a separate directory to NT. My personal preference
    here would be to reduce the size of your NT partition with the partition
    manager of your choice[1], create a new partition and install XP in that.
    Just remember that *most* programs installed on one OS will need to be
    installed on the other if you want to use them both with NT and XP.

    [1] Insert all the usual "FFS, Backup first!" disclaimers here


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