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Date: 12/23/03

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    Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 02:55:19 GMT

    JM ( wrote:
    : 6) Linksys routers have no logging capability.

    My Linksys BEFSR41 router, firmware version 1.44.2, Dec 13 2002, has
    some logging capability, which can be configured at:

    I'm running WallWatcher. There's a sample screen on th WallWatcher site:

      "WallWatcher collects, displays, and analyses log information from
       the Linksys "BEF" series of EtherFast router/firewalls. It runs under
       Microsoft Windows 98, SE, ME, 2000, NT4.0, and XP.

         * replaces the Linksys Logviewer
         * provides filtering, alerts, historical analysis, summaries, and
         * filters let you choose what data and time periods to log, display,
           analyze, and chart
         * alerts offer real-time visual and audible signals of possible
           intrusion attempts
         * intrusion analysis finds past activities of recent intrusion
         * summaries condense log histories for easier review
         * user-selectable charts let you spot patterns of suspicious


         supports the DShield and myNetWatchman intrusion reporting systems

         minimizes to tray, not to taskbar, to reduce clutter

         can convert IP addresses to names (URLs) and vice versa

         plain text log file may be read by other programs while WALLWATCHER
         is running
         * new log file begins each day at midnight

       all of the WallWatcher family of programs are Freeware and in the
       Public Domain

       SAMPLE SCREEN..."

    --Jerry Leslie
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