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From: Jean-David Beyer (
Date: 09/16/03

Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 17:18:28 -0400

Bob the Knobb wrote:
> "User" <> wrote in message
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>> I know most doctors around here use windows because they cannot
>> work out unix.
> The embeded systems used for medical use cannot freez up or crash
> ever. I reboot my windows machine 7 times a day, 8 or nine if I'm
> feeling Zen.

I doubt Windows is that bad. I hated Windows so much I switched to Linux
in early 1998 and never looked back except to run TurboTax and Quicken.

But my Windows 95 crashed only about three times a week. It was idle
most of the time, if that makes a difference. The programs crashed more
often than that, many times a day. Other than Netscape 3.*, they were
all provided at considerable expense by Microsoft, so there should have
been no compatibility problems. Ha! And Visual C++ could not be
installed at the same time as Office Professional because of conflicting
<B>.dll</B> file requirements. Whenever I wanted to run one of them, I
had to remove the other and install the one I needed. Pretty crappy.

But I imagine the current releases of Window are less crash-prone than
Windows 95, even with bandaids #1 and #2. So if yours crashes 7 times a
day or more, I would expect hardware problems in addition to the crummy
OS. If yours is an Intel *86 machine, I suggest you run memtest86 and
see if the memory is OK to begin with.

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