Re: M$ attack on Common Sense

From: Dave (
Date: 09/13/03

Date: 13 Sep 2003 11:48:32 -0700

Alan Connor <> wrote in message news:<JvD8b.1193$>...
> Max, trying to have an intelligent conversation with you about Windoze is
> like trying to have an intelligent conversation about the Bible with a
> fundamentalist Christian.
> It is a waste of time.
> You can have Windoze and I will use linux.
> Fortunately, linux will be around when Windoze is just a bad memory and a
> footnote in the annals of computer history.
> Enjoy your vociferous mediocrity and go bore someone else spitless.


If you *are* trying to advocate Linux here, this is
counter-productive. I'm a typical user in the process of making the
transition from Windows to Linux, and one of the factors accelerating
my progress is the existence of a large and helpful community. See
for example

I liked your previous post better, where you stated your reasons for
disliking Windows. You might want to check out the latest version
(XP). M$ has made some real progress on some of the issues on your
list (stability for one).

If you enjoy flaming, do it with humor, and make it brief. Then
follow up with something substantive. I can tolerate flames. It's
the ratio of flame to useful communication that bothers me.

I must say that the Windows advocates seem to be "winning" this
debate, although still not convincing me that I shouldn't move to
Linux. The key issue for me is security. My limited experience and
reading tells me that Linux is *currently* more secure, and *may* have
some fundemental security advantages, stemming from its multi-user
origin and open-source methodology. I fully expect M$ to make further
progress in security. I don't *think* Linux security will be a
problem in the future, but the discussion here does give me plenty to
worry about.

M$ OS's are here to stay. My wife still uses DOS to run her
veterinary practice! Success for Linux is not in crushing M$, but
getting a large enough community of users that we will have all the
applications we need, and they will be just as good as M$ products.

- Dave