Re: Running .CMD outside user context

From: - AJS (a)
Date: 07/01/03

Date: 1 Jul 2003 13:52:42 -0500

>> I need to run this script as a Service, I believe, such that the printer
>> redirect takes effect after the Spooler is started, independent of if and
>> how the Console is logged on to. And while I can script a bit, I cannot
>> program a lick of code.
>> Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
>> - AJS

"Roc" <> wrote:
>I haven't tried it myself, but can you configure SRVANY.EXE (resource kit)
>to call CMD.EXE and have CMD.EXE execute the CMD file (the /k parameter if I
>remember correctly)?

Just following up... That worked great. The .CMD file itself will run as a
service using SERVANY. Follow the directions in the RKDocs.HLP to tweak the
registry and you're golden. No CMD.EXE, no switches, no trauma.