Re: Spooler subsystem app accessing DNS

From: Boogie Woogie Flu (spam_at_email.sux)
Date: 05/09/03

Date: Fri, 09 May 2003 19:26:14 GMT

> I have noticed some applications try to access websites for
> application updates, registration, etc. Probably nothing malicious. If you
> are curious, let it proceed sometime to see what happens - maybe to the
> point where you can identify the website it wants to access by using
> nslookup against the ip address it wants to access. I usually just block
> this stuff without getting any annoying notification. --- Steve

This was my original thought. I could see this for Photoshop maybe, but
Microsoft Photo Editor? This program is years old and updates are only
available through MS Office Service Releases. There is no registration,
automatic update or update notification function in this application, I'm
pretty sure of that. And if this were the case, would it not access the
software maker's website and not my ISP's DNS? Most importantly, it's not
the app itself trying to access the internet, it's the Spooler Subsystem
App. It seems to happen only when I launch these programs.

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