Re: Real-life problem: Installing applications onto workstations in a domain without giving users admin access

From: - AJS (A)
Date: 04/21/03

From: "- AJS" <A Smith at window products dott com>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 13:08:57 -0700

"Freddy Söderlund" <> wrote in message
> I don't want to give the users any other rights/access other than normal
> user rights/access.
> I don't want to install any extra services/applications to make this work.
> And what I want to know:
> Is it possible to somehow, let users initiate a software (application)
> installation from, for example, a loginscript, withouth giving the users
> anything but normal user rights/access or to have to install any "service
> applications/services" to enable this?

No. It's not possible. Any script that runs after login (login scripts,
Start-up menu) all execute in the context of the User. Any variation on this
would be a failure of the system security.

Additionally, use of Run As - as your post mentioned later - would require
your users to have an account to plug into the script. Any scripted call of
the Run As service - say in a log-in script - would provide your elevated
account name and password to anyone who wanted to pause the script and read
the text. Or simply edit the login script, for that matter. (Since your
users must have access to read the script before they could execute it.

Sorry, your following a dead-end path in this case.


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