Re: exchange 2K mailprob

Date: 02/26/03

Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 21:19:43 GMT

ITS ( wrote:
: 'Lo
: We have a exchange2k running here . Someone is spamming us with tons of
: mail to users of our domain that do not exist , this is with number like
: 2151656@ourdomain.ext , the numbers keep changing .
: How can i prevent that they send us email to non existing domainusers ?
: Thx n Greetz
: Chris
I have no idea, but you might find a solution here:
     Slipstick Systems Exchange and Outlook Solutions Center

Other things to try:

  o Tracking down the spammer's ISP and getting their internet access

  o Find the IP address of the node(s) sending the email and change
    the router to deny that address.

--Jerry Leslie (my opinions are strictly my own)
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