Re: User Accounts Keep Locking Out

From: David Grant (
Date: 01/24/03

From: "David Grant" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 00:31:29 -0000


Are you sure the accounts are being locked out, and that you havent set the
passwords to expire after a certain time. By the way - the built in admin
account cannot be locked out, and most password cracking tools can identify
this account no matter what you name it.

just a thought


"John" <> wrote in message
> Hey All:
> Running a Win2k Web Server and am having a problem with all user
> accounts being locked out every few weeks or so except the original
> admin account (which was renamed).
> I am guessing there is some tool out there that can read the user
> accounts on a machine and then is automatically trying to crack the
> passwords. Of course, the machine is set to lock people out after 3
> bad attempts so that's not getting to far and we enforce tough
> passwords.
> So, my question is, is there any way to stop this? Can anything be
> done or do I have to live with unlocking everyones account every few
> weeks (hope not).
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.