NT4 policy and W2K clients

From: tom (tom.robinson@auto-online.co.uk)
Date: 01/13/03

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    From: tom.robinson@auto-online.co.uk (tom)
    Date: 13 Jan 2003 04:28:53 -0800


    I'm having GREAT difficulty getting the NT4 policy to behave

    The Network:
    We have a domain with one NT4 server as PDC and one as a BDC. There is
    one other NT4 server in the domain that is neither PDC or PDC, just a
    server. We also have two (2) W2K clients. Quite a small setup but we
    anticipate adding more W2K clients soon.

    Firstly: Is it OK to use NT4 to pass a policy to a W2K client?

    The Problems:
    When I log in as a domain user and run outlook 2000 or IE6 they have
    to be re-installed. This happens on the NT server as well as the W2K

    Although I've set specific options in the policy they don't seem to
    apply (e.g. disabling the "control panel/display" has absolutely no
    effect. There are others, too).

    This has been frustrating me for over a week and I still have no
    coherent policy. I need help before my brain melts!


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