Q: Remove t@gged directories

From: Hans D. Jensen (hans.d.jensen@mail.dkX)
Date: 11/21/02

From: "Hans D. Jensen" <hans.d.jensen@mail.dkX>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 12:49:59 +0100

I left the ftp-server under ISS 5.0 on an XP machine open for anonymous
uploads for a short while, and was t@gged, ie. someone created a 12-level
subdirectory structure in the upload directory using reserved filenames such
as "com2", "com3", as well as " " (in DOS 8.3 lists as "0200~1") (see the
dir listing below). The directory is on a NTFS partition.

While it was no big problem to remove the uploaded files, and rename some of
the more normal subdirectories, I simply cannot get rid of the rest. I have
tried Explorer delete, DEL, and rm.exe from Unix utilities with rm -r- f, on
the bottom directory level as well as the top. At the top one, " ", I get
"Access denied" (the sub-dirs are still there), on the bottom level I get
"No such file" (also when using wildcards).

Any other tools or ideas for cleaning up this mess? I am thinking something
that can erase the top directory from the NTFS allocation table (if such a
thing exists?)...


Directory of D:\Uploads\
2002-11-10 13:11 <DIR> .
2002-11-10 13:11 <DIR> ..
2002-11-10 13:11 <DIR> com4
2002-11-10 13:11 <DIR> com5
2002-11-13 23:16 <DIR> com6
2002-11-10 13:11 <DIR> com7
               0 File(s) 0 bytes
               6 Dir(s) 9 170 882 560 bytes free