Task Scheduler

From: MvdM (mvdm@wanadoo.nl)
Date: 11/06/02

From: "MvdM" <mvdm@wanadoo.nl>
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 18:28:39 GMT


I'm trying to modify the Task Scheduler Service in Windows NT 4 Workstation.
I want to change the user and password that must be used by the service.
The option Local Account is selected, but I can't deselect it and I can't
another account since the other fields are grayed out... I need to change
user because the network must be accessed, without someone logging in or
Anyone an idea what to do?

Btw, is the Task Scheduler service the same service as the Scheduler

If possible send your reply also to mvdmeer@nwb.nl, I can't access the news
from my office.

Thanks in advance