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Date: 11/06/02

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    Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 05:42:32 +0200

    ~~~YPD~~~ wrote:

    > Is there any software we can try to recover these 'lost' files?
    > If not, is there any company that would be able to do so?

    Please see <URL:http://www.ibas.com/hotline/data-loss-services.htm>.

    > Is it true that once you write over deleted files they are deleted for
    > good

    >From a data recovery viewpoint, they are not deleted for good unless their
    traces are "wiped" with a suitable utility.

    > would the boss' install and uninstall of the recovery apps have
    > done more harm than good?

    I would assume so.

    Excessively crossposted; follow-ups set.


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