Re: Blocked Port in NT4?

From: Thor Kottelin (
Date: 08/12/02

From: Thor Kottelin <>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 11:42:12 +0300

Jack wrote:

> The Mozilla doc sez to add the desired port to "user.js".
> I searched the entire HD, and the registry, and there's nothing there
> named "user.js"

I'd try "prefs.js", or whatever your Netscape user preference file is
called. Of course, if we're out of luck, the preference hack won't work with
your version. It's the only possible solution I know of though, so you might
want to give it one more try.

> Could someone have
> Trojan'd me?

If you're unsure, obviously the answer is yes.
<URL:> has some good tips
on the subject.

> I have
> uninstalled/reinstalled Netscape 3 times so far and that same error keeps
> returning.

You seem to be using a slightly dated version. I suggest upgrading to 4.79.

> I'm thinking it's something in NT that's blocking
> it.

At least the error message appears to be the same as the one Netscape uses.


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