Re: Blocked Port in NT4?

From: Jack (
Date: 08/12/02

From: Jack <>
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 22:20:02 GMT

Thanks for the URL ... tried 4 times to get there and each time the
Netscape Quality Feedback agent started, followed quickly by a Dr. Watson
"access error" that crashed Netscape. The 5th time I was quick enough to
copy/paste the info into Wordpad before it crashed. However, I'm still at
a standstill. The Mozilla doc sez to add the desired port to "user.js".
I searched the entire HD, and the registry, and there's nothing there
named "user.js", unless you count an entry in "Doc_find_spec". Further,
I've never changed the port that Netscape is pointed to, and wouldn't know
how to if I had to. Hence have no idea what port it's trying to use, even
if I could find the "user.js" file to add it to.

That raises the question of how the port would've gotten changed in the
first place. I was seriously hacked a while back. Could someone have
Trojan'd me? I've scanned for Trojans and found nothing. Also, I have
uninstalled/reinstalled Netscape 3 times so far and that same error keeps
returning. That's why I'm thinking it's something in NT that's blocking

Thor Kottelin wrote:

> Jack wrote:
> >
> > When I start Netscape, I'm getting an err "sorry, access to the port
> > number given has been disabled for security reasons".
> <URL:>
> Thor
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