Re: Recover Encrypted Files

From: Shawn Trent (
Date: 06/21/02

From: (Shawn Trent)
Date: 21 Jun 2002 07:00:48 -0700

by chance did you recover the files to a non-ntfs partition??

"Bob" <> wrote in message news:<q3xQ8.355843$>...
> Not one of my users this time! I blew away a folder of fairly valuable
> files. Not a job-loser, but embarrassing. My trusty copy of Restorer2000 did
> a fine job of recovering the files to a new folder. But Duh! The files had
> been encrypted, and when R2K entered the recovered files into the new
> folder, they retained their encryption. But they are marked as UNencrypted.
> So they can't be read, nor can they be decrypted. I'm not sure if this is an
> R2k bug or a W2k feature.
> Neither my key nor the recovery agent works, as the system doesn't think the
> files are actually encrypted! Even CIPHER refuses to decrypt "unencrypted"
> files (not unreasonable, really), even though it will, if asked, encrypt
> already-encrypted files for the belt&suspender set.
> Please post responses, as my Email address is slightly misspelled for
> sanitary reasons.
> Bob