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From: Slim (
Date: 06/12/02

From: (Slim)
Date: 12 Jun 2002 02:24:41 -0700

"Vickie Stanton" <> wrote in message news:<lUvN8.9048$>...
> Hello,
> I don't know if I am in the right place but I have a question and would
> welcome input from anyone.
> I have a Dell server running Windows NT (4 I think). I have 6 workstations
> (+1 laptop) running windows 98, 1 laptop w/Windows ME, 1 laptop with Windows
> XP Professional.
> I have an anti virus program on the server called TREND. This program is
> supposed to go out and check all the workstations for virus'. My computers
> are being inundated with emails telling us we have the WORM_KLEZ.H virus. I
> have scanned my systems, they don't appear to have this virus.
> I am the office manager for a smallish real estate company who has been
> handed the job of managing the network as well. Is anyone familiar with
> this product and part two of this questions, does Norton have a product that
> would protect my server as well as my work stations?
> Again, I would very much appreciate any experienced feedback.
> Thanks.
> Vickie Stanton

Hello Vickie,

Firstly, please be aware that just because someone tells you that you
have Klez, doesn't mean that you do. When Klez infects a machine, it
goes through the local email address book and sends itself on to those
entries. But it also uses those entries to forge the sender's address.
In other words, if a computer somewhere gets infected, and your email
address is in their address book, Klez will send itself out from that
computer, claiming to have come from you. Cue mass confusion and
finger pointing.

I can recommend Norton AV Corporate Edition and McAfee Epolicy
Orchestrator as good server/client type AV products. You could also
consider using a scanning service like Messagelabs
( to check your inbound and outbound mail.
I don't know Trend, but I would expect that, as long as the virus
definition files were up to date, you should be OK. Start by checking
their website.