Re: Cannot remove Server from Server Manager

From: GertJan (invalid@use.reply-to)
Date: 05/28/02

From: GertJan <invalid@use.reply-to>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 23:26:47 +0200

Keeger wrote:

> GertJan <invalid@use.reply-to> wrote:
>>Keeger wrote:
>>> Some more info on this. This morning, the SERV1 server was finally
>>> removed. Must have happened overnight. But I still can't get the
>>> server on the network. When I check the properties on the Server
>>> Manager it says that the trust relationship failed. After I was able
>>> to recreate the account this morning, I resynched with the BDC as
>>> suggested in Q162797. Anybody know another way to rebuild a trust
>>> relationship?
>>I don't know what you are doing, but a stand-alone server should be added
>>to the domain the same way as a workstation.
>>On SERV1 in network properties remove it from the domain, reboot, add it
>>to the domain and reboot.

> I can't get on the machine at all. Cannot get on the network, cannot
> logon locally. Is there any other waty for me to access the network
> settings? Some kind of "safe mode" back-door?

You could try disconnecting it from the network and try logging on as the
domain administrator, it then should use the cached domaininfo (if you
recently changed the domain admin password try the old password too), be
sure to change the password of the local administrator account else you
can't get in after rebooting.