Cannot remove Server from Server Manager

From: Keeger (
Date: 05/27/02

From: (Keeger)
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 15:58:57 GMT

I had attempted to replace a stand-alone server over the weekend.
After backing up the data files, I shut down the old server and
renamed the new server to the same name as the old one (so that I
wound not have to change client settings). The new server could not
log on because the trust relationship failed. So I deleted the server
name (let's say "SERV1" for example) from Server Manager. The name
went away immediately, then I recreated it, and the new server was
able to log on as SERV1.
But there was a problem with main application so I have to abandon the
replacement for a week or so. Problem is, I now cannot delete the
server "SERV1" from Server Manager. When I try, I get a message along
the lines of "even though this server still appears in the view, it
will be deleted as part of normal housekeeping which should take place
within 15 minutes". Well I've waited hours and it's still there. I
cannot log the old server back onto the domain because I get the
"trust relationship failed" message.
Is there any way to force this "housekeeping" Or is there a manual
way to remove it either from the registry or some ini file?
I have tried refreshing the view, and re-synching with the BDC.

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