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From: Ola (
Date: 05/26/02

From: "Ola" <>
Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 06:19:32 GMT

selecting a firewall is a very important decision, especially if the
corporate assets you would like the firewall to protect is very crucial to
business continuity. There are many free and commercial firewall solutions:
OpenBSD, Linux, etc, and there commercial solutions: Check Point, Netscreen,
StoneGate, etc. These soe issues you may want to consider:

1. support and software upadtes - this is important if something goes wrong.
who do you call for help?
2. day to day administration. Most UNIX free firewalls solutions, require
good unix skills. this may be a problem in a windows based enviroemt with
Microsoft certified administrators.
3. costs. Free solutions are may have to pay a lot for
commercial software licenses, and even pay more for support.

The list is endless.

My advise will be to determine what you need from a firewall; vpn
capabilities, logging and reporting, etc. Once you know what your
requirements are, you can more closely match that with a solution, and you
will be much more aware what your trade offs are.
There is also a difference between an Enterprise firewall, and a personal
firewall. Using an enterprise firewall, and a personal firewall on the host
gives you 2 layers of security, and more protection, assuming the solutions
are properly configured.

I hope I have not confused you the more.


Kind regards

"Ernie" <> wrote in message > Hello > > My company's web server is a Win 2K box, IIS, a few hundred to a few > thousand hits a day. We're looking for a firewall product. Ease of > administration is very important and low cost is somewhat important. > Suggestions? > > My boss has a copy of Norton Personal Firewall 2001 which he wants me to > install. Opinions? > > Thank you, > > Ernie > >