Re: NT4 logon starts logoff

From: Piotr Zet (adres.ukryty@address.hidden)
Date: 05/23/02

From: Piotr Zet <adres.ukryty@address.hidden>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 13:01:12 +0000 (UTC)

Recently Igor Pronin wrote:
> Does anybody know what to do:
> - My NT4 WKS SP6a (Localised Finnish version) boots as usually
> - after logon the display background picture is shown (but no desktop icons)
> - a logoff is done immediately (with the typical Windows logoff sounds

I've had similar problem, and following solution worked for me:
-use 3 NT startup disks to boot
-choose "Repair"
-in the first screen with question what to repair choose everything
-in the second screen choose ONLY "DEFAULT USER PROFILE", and continue
ERDisk is not required, if you choose ONLY this option to repair, your
settings (hardware&software info) will be safe.
Then you will have to reinstall SP6a and fixes.
Good luck !