Re: Blocking internet access

From: Don Kelloway (
Date: 04/11/02

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    From: "Don Kelloway" <>
    Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 02:21:22 GMT

    You could always monitor/filter/block an individual's access via an
    "Internet Filtering" product, one of which is Elron Software's Web
    Inspector. Their website is

    Best Regards,
    Don Kelloway

    For *your* protection, visit to learn about Back Orifice, NetBus, SubSeven and a few others. All of which are "Threats to Your Security on the Internet".

    "hongkongwolf" <> wrote in message > Our salesmen connect to the internet via their laptop and a > modem/mobile phone. Is there any way I can prevent them from doing > this whilst they are logged on to our office NT network. I.e. I want > to allow them to connect to the internet when offsite, but stop them > when they are onsite. Any ideas? > > Martin >

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