Re: Urgent: Problem associated with NT.Advice required please

From: Scilabop (
Date: 03/20/02

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    From: "Scilabop" <>
    Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 15:33:29 -0800

    I have not used the software you are describing.....but any missing
    component of a program has got to set off alarms. The Event Viewer is going
    to show that problems exist even if the program doesn't raise the error. You
    have got to think someone had propriety access to disable the service and
    delete the Event Logs.
    "Andy Franklin" <> wrote in message
    > Hi
    > These are the extracts that advise of the alleged probem
    > wth supplying records of who accessed ,when and for what reason
    > for a 3 month period;
    > "The way in which the system works is that the monitor is populated
    > with details of all {persons} entitled to access the system.Each
    > time they do so this is noted by the monitor.If a {person's}
    > name does not appear in the list then the system will be unable
    > to capture information relating to that individual's use of the
    > system"
    > "XXX took over control of the system in about July and in early October
    > it was realised that there was an error in the system and that the
    > monitor's
    > population list had been removed.This was reinstalled in October but
    > meant that several months of transactions were lost."
    > Possible or not possible, bearing in mind it is alleged that
    > access of every data subjects records were lost.That would mean
    > thousands
    > of persons who allegedly have no way of knowing who accessed,when or
    > for what reason ??.
    > Andy
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