How do I migrate user ids and passwords to new server?

From: Joe Cacciatore (
Date: 03/19/02

From: (Joe Cacciatore)
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 17:00:27 GMT

I am running NT 4.0 Server on a Netfinity system. The system is being
replaced with new hardware. The new system will be running either NT 4
or Windows 2000 Server. The system is on a lan but there is NO domain
controller. The lan is just a big workgroup.

I have about 100 users. IS there a way to transfer:
1. the user ids and passwords?
2. all the folder shares?

If not, it is going to be a real pain to get all 100 people back to
enter ther ids and passwords all over again. And I have dozens and
dozens of folders shared out. Is there no way to copy over?

Joe C.