I cannot delete some files uploaded by some bad guy

From: Xiaoxin Yin (xyin1@uiuc.edu)
Date: 03/11/02

From: "Xiaoxin Yin" <xyin1@uiuc.edu>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 21:22:44 -0600


Several days ago I opened the IIS ftp server on my win2000 prof. And I
opened an incoming directory that accepts anonymous access. However, later I
found somebody uploaded more than 600M files into the folder. And I cannot
delete these files because win2000 reported the certain folders cannot be

I believe it was a malicious attack because that guy named some folders as
"suck" and transfered files from several different IP address. Now I have
closed the service. I am wondering is there any way that I can delete these
files? The files reside in some folders named "com1", "com2" and "com3". I
can see them in the explorer. But the explorer dies when I try to open those

Thanks a lot,