Re: Kiss and say goodbye to Microsoft!!

From: Maxim S. Shatskih (
Date: 02/17/02

From: "Maxim S. Shatskih" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 01:11:56 +0300

> Just a quick question about free software...
> I'm a software developer
> How does one make money (as a software developer) if software is free?

Good point, Thomas!

I expect the answer from Linux guys would - be "from the Ministry of Software" funded by taxpayers. :-)
Support? First writing unusable software, then having money from support? Much nastier business model then MS has.

As about the personal attitudes and tastes - I consider the Penguin Cult by Linux guys as extremely atrocious social thing, like the
totalitarian sects.
People from MS whom I know are much nicer than any Penguin Cult "hierophants".
I have read texts by Bill Gates and by Linus Torvalds. Sorry, but the former one seems to be a much nicer person.
People like BillG or Henry Ford made America the richest country in the world, and even mid-class in economically average countries
is making money from being employed in American business machine. Why must I join these games of punks-from-top-10-countries if I
have a family to feed?
What did Linus do useful except self-magnifying? The puniest of all UNIX kernels and the Penguin Cult.
Throwing mud in BillG seems to be a behavior of immature punk.
People like Eric Raymond - in his response to Halloween Document - emphasize irrational hatred to MS as monster, MS director board
is called "Politbureau" (I would like Eric to live a bit in a country really ruled by Politbureau :-) they put people to asylums for
speaking too much nonsense :-) ) for a Penguin Cult to prosper on this hatred. A hatred-based thing cannot be good. MS is not
hatred-based, as any business.
I do not care whether HTTP protocol will be ruled by W3C or by Microsoft Corporation (HTML is de-facto ruled by MS already), I (and
website developers and designers) will have enough job in the latter case too, and these "open standards" is the sacred cow for
Eric. MS will spoil HTTP? Funny. MS's engineers are excellent, and prove themselves excellent many times. They are trustworthy.
Who cares whether Sega Dreamcast is ruled by "open community" (sometimes looking like a sect) or by a large corporation? Games
developers for Sega have their jobs anyway.

After all - why Linux? You love UNIX? You love stability and code maturity? You love command line? You love Apache? Then there is
FreeBSD. Also free, and designed and coded by MUCH more professional guys. I can even say BSD's MM has better replacement policy
than NT's one :-) though threads support seems to be worse.


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