Re: Kiss and say goodbye to Microsoft!!

From: Yves (
Date: 02/17/02

From: "Yves" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 10:51:08 +1100

Well said Carl, I must agree.
There is a place for each OS and everyone's best bet is to dabble in both of

"Carl Woodward" <> wrote in message
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> > It is ironic that Linux forces a business model
> > that
> > says if you do your job well you will not get paid, only those who
> > hard
> > to use and buggy software win from support.
> Easy to do, just ensure absolutely every application can only be driven by
> torturous command line... I personally have no interest in typing a 300
> character command line just to get the time.
> Linux has its place, just as Windows does. They work well in different
> fields. Linux has though, entirely failed so far to break up the desktop
> market. Usability, is not something that Linux has achieved consistently.
> And before anyone tells the story about how Microsoft stole the GUI from
> Apple (who *acquired* it from Xerox)...we know.
> If I want a certain type of server or router, then I will use Linux. If I
> want to type a document or play games, I will use Windows. If I wanted to
> setup a computer for aboslutely anyone to use, I would most certainly not
> use Linux. I do not fancy helping my parents recompile their kernel over
> phone because the keyboard is no longer adjacent to the monitor...
> What drives me up the wall is evangelical users, why do they care so much.
> They like their choice, nice one, enjoy. If linux wins the desktop war,
> fine. If Microsoft wins the server war fine. If anyone breaks the law
> There is no need for all this "handbags at dawn stuff..."
> Just in case anyone is any doubt, I use Microsoft products more than Linux
> but I am pro neither. Like I said, chose the right tool for the right job.
> And that's all I have to say about that..
> Carl