windows NT4 WS and 2000 Pro user profile question

From: Paul Huddleston (
Date: 02/14/02

From: "Paul Huddleston" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 16:06:18 -0600

We have a new server that has recently been deployed in our building. In
the process of changing the domain in which these computers are joined, and
that the user authentication occurs in, the computer creates a new profile
for the user. In the case of winNT it would create folders for name and
name.000 and in win2k it will create name and name.newdomain. I would like
to be able to keep my users' application and system settings and reuse these
profiles. In the process of doing this, I can first login as the user on
the new domain. This will create the name.000/name.newdomain folder and
start a new profile. Then I can login as administrator of the local machine
and go to the user profiles screen and select the old profile and then click
the copy to button and browse to the new profile location. Then i log out
and login as the user in the new domain. It cannot see the profile and acts
as if it is loggin in for the first time. If I make this users domain user
account an administrator on the local machine and then log them on,
everything works correctly and all settings are kept.

My question is: Is there a tried and true procedure for keeping a users
settings from one machine to another using winnt4 and win2k pro by moving a
profile? Is there a way to do this on a new account on the same machine?
Please help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Paul Huddleston
Network Manager
Mississippi State University Libraries
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