Re: Automating C2 Security Measures

From: Gripper Stebson (
Date: 02/03/02

From: "Gripper Stebson" <>
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 20:46:24 -0000


Yeah I'm aware of the SCE, but my boss is adamant that we're not installing
the MMC on our NT4 system. I know that when you install it the default ACL
editor changes to the Win2K version. When we migrate to 2K next year he'll
be forced into that situation anyway but until then - no chance.

The pitiful life of an NT Sys Admin eh?!! Ah well, maybe he'll leave soon
and I'll take the initiative before his successor gets established in post -

Thanks anyway mate - I'll probably look into some VB-type program in the
meantime, or swot up on regini.

Iain, UK


"Ken Hagan" <> wrote in message
> Have you looked at the Security Configuration Editor, which came
> with the NT4 Option Pack? (It's on MSDN, but I expect it is also
> a free download from some dark corner of the MS site.)
> This lets you define collections of ACL settings for arbitrary
> parts of the registry and file system, and also values for various
> privileges, and then do two things with them.
> 1 Examine a target system to see if it "violates" the profile.
> 2 Modify a target system so that it doesn't violate the profile.
> It's so good they built it into Win2K.
> "Gripper Stebson" <> wrote...
> >
> > Furthermore it's really time consuming to set permissions on
> > each key i.e. Admins - Full Control, Everyone - Read.
> >
> > I know there an ability to do these things in Rexx and Regini, ...

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