Re: Locking down SMTP server

Date: 02/01/02

Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 21:35:17 -0800

>What I need to know is, what services do I need running on the NT box
>to allow it to run purely as an SMTP server? (other than the SMTP
>server itself, obviously!)

Virtually none. Disable server, workstation, etc. Start with as much
disabled as possible and turn stuff back on as needed.

>Also, I've looked at locking down the ports in NT's
>TCP/IP-Advanced-Enable Security settings page. What TCP/UDP/Protocols
>do I need enabled for...
>a) the publically-facing adapter, which will send and receive SMTP
>mail and issue DNS queries for sending out mail, and...
>b) the private adapter, which will just send and receive SMTP mail to
>and from the internal mail server?
>Any advice would be greatly appreciated!