Steve Jobs and the neocon hijacking of Apple Inc.and its assets

Steve Jobs and his partners and workers, by keeping Mac as an
alternative to MS , and working side by side with Linux , kept the Web
alive , growing and well , thank you Steve Jobs !!!

And now a new generation must keep on fighting for an open ,
creative , smart and free Web , and that's why the news from the new
chairman of Apple, Levinson , and his partners Drexel ,Oppenheimer and
others that they are going to invest 500 million dollars in a fabless
company , Anobit from Israel , and open there also an R&D center and
invest on it hundreds of millions of dollars more , makes me ask some
very simple questions :

a ) would Steve Jobs have paid so much money for Anobit ? NO, never.

b ) and would have he open a key research center in the Middle East ?

c ) does Anobit is worth 500 million dollars to Apple ? NO

d) and can they install a Trojan Horse , a back door on the silicon
and the software ? YES

e ) would Jobs have made Levinson the chairman of the Board ? NO , he
most probably would have choose Cook , his trusted partner.

f ) does the new chairman Levinson ( and the Board's Compensation
Comm. ) is giving himself and some of them huge multi-million stock-
option plans and perks ? YES

g ) are they planning in moving Intellectual Property and other vital
APPLE assets to that Middle East country ? YES

h ) does the family of Steve Jobs, all the stockholders and
bondholders , retirees and workers of Apple know all the perks ,
salaries and bonuses Levinson is giving to himself and some of his new
associates ? NO

Is this legal ? if they are not breaking the Law, they will show to
the above all the new contracts, compensations , transfers of assets ,
NEW DEBT and Bonds , laws and executive and Board decisions ,etc.,
right ?

i ) Will the 80 billion dollars ( +/- ) in cash reserves of Apple Inc.
get new managers ? new advisers ? new bankers ? new fees? has there
been any changes in those assets since the death of Steve Jobs? ,
will they tell the above ? will any money be left in 48 months ? NO

If I was in the Intelligence and Military Community I would never use
Apple's with those new manipulated chips, they can be like Carrier IQ
on steroids, on the silicon, a disaster of a leak , and then some....I
would use only Apple's with secure chips from known secure factories ,

The Stockholders and Bondholders of Apple should get all the answers
from Levinson and the Board at once since they are not breaking any
laws and trusts , right?

Apple ( like Microsoft and RIM ) keeps a very tight control over who
gets permission to sell apps in their store ( as opposed to Google-
Android where everyone can sell apps almost anywhere ) , and since no
one really knows who and how they make these selective decisions, now
some Apple developers are asking if these other developers in the
Middle East from the group of Levinson and Oppenheimer , etc. at
Apple , are going to get preference and special access ahead of
developers in the USA, Europa and the rest of the World, and this is a
very troubling question for the growth of Apple , since it is one of
the best and most creative digital tools in the world.

Will some one demand all the answers ?

Apple is a very important company for America , Europa and the World,
we cannot have anyone play games and tricks with it.

Apple needs a new chairman right now, someone like Cook, and a new
fresh Board.