Re: world writeable files?

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On Wed, 16 Dec 2009 23:18:03 GMT
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Tex font
generation wants all users to be able to generate the fonts, etc.

AFAICT, both tetex and texlive are by default configured in such
a way that fonts are created in each user's home directory.

TeTeX is TeX Live now.

That depends on your distro.

What distro? (just to make sure I've got it right)

It is also very silly and wasteful, since
all of your users are liable to want the same fonts, and having 130
different copies of the same ( largish) files is just dumb.

And trust in 129 users with doubtful competence is neither silly nor
wasteful? Result of my work depends on that cache. And about largish:

{126809:256} [0:1]% du ~/.texmf-var
840 /home/whynot/.texmf-var/fonts/pk/ljfour/lh/lh-t2a
844 /home/whynot/.texmf-var/fonts/pk/ljfour/lh
60 /home/whynot/.texmf-var/fonts/pk/ljfour/jknappen/ec
64 /home/whynot/.texmf-var/fonts/pk/ljfour/jknappen
912 /home/whynot/.texmf-var/fonts/pk/ljfour
916 /home/whynot/.texmf-var/fonts/pk
112 /home/whynot/.texmf-var/fonts/tfm/lh/lh-t2a
116 /home/whynot/.texmf-var/fonts/tfm/lh
120 /home/whynot/.texmf-var/fonts/tfm
48 /home/whynot/.texmf-var/fonts/source/lh/lh-t2a
52 /home/whynot/.texmf-var/fonts/source/lh
56 /home/whynot/.texmf-var/fonts/source
1096 /home/whynot/.texmf-var/fonts
1100 /home/whynot/.texmf-var

Although -- yes, I've set my crontab apropriately.

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