Re: ssh-agent Warnings ???

C. ( <colin.mckinnon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Jun 25, 11:04 pm, Kevin the Drummer <nob...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've got two problems that might be related.

First, the more annoying problem, yesterday I started getting these
error messages as a group any time I open a new Xterm.

     * Warning: SSH_AUTH_SOCK in environment is invalid; ignoring it
     * Warning: can't find <kev...@xxxxxxxxx>; skipping
    Could not open a connection to your authentication agent.
     * Error: Problem adding; giving up

Sounds like ssh-agent is being started by your session - could be in
your pam settings (unlikely) in your .profile or in the X session
startup. The fact that it has been happenning since you had to kill
your Xserver makes me think that might be the culprit -

Seems reasonable.

KDE has an annoying habit of restarting programs which were
running the last time you logged out.

Yes. But, it's hard for me to tell which ones it will start
and which ones it won't start. I've configured my KDE to use
only my saved startup configuration, rather than the last login
session. Yet, there are still some programs which it will start
regardless of my config attempts. I hadn't thought to much
about the daemons it was starting, other than getting rid of the
klipboard long ago.

Check ps to see if it is running and try to identify the PPID.

I found this:

1535 ? S<s 0:00 ssh-agent
1559 ? S<s 0:04 gpg-agent --daemon
5828 ? Ss 0:00 ssh-agent

Then I killed the first two. After which my next launch of an xterm
produced this instead:

* Warning: can't find <kevinc@xxxxxxxxx>; skipping
Identity added: /home/kevinc/.ssh/identity (kevinc@xxxxxxxxx)
Identity added: /home/kevinc/.ssh/id_rsa (/home/kevinc/.ssh/id_rsa)
Identity added: /home/kevinc/.ssh/id_dsa (/home/kevinc/.ssh/id_dsa)

Following that I tried another xterm launch, which produce zero
warnings. I don't know yet if the problem is fixed for good or
not, but maybe the issue was KDE launching two ssh-agents? Now
my related processes are this:

5828 ? Ss 0:00 ssh-agent
26807 ? Ss 0:00 gpg-agent --daemon
27150 ? Ss 0:00 ssh-agent

That's interesting that I new agents got started. I wonder if
the 5828 process is even being used?


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