Re: Personal firewall like Zone Alarm: is it exists?

Phil Sherman wrote:

ant wrote:
On 25 Nov, 14:49, General Schvantzkoph <schvantzk...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sat, 24 Nov 2007 23:43:41 -0800, ant wrote:
I'm looking for a software like Zone Alarm (personal firewall) that
works on Linux. Can you help me?
Which distro are you using? Every distro that I know of has firewall
configuration built in. In Fedora it's under the menu item system/
administration/Firewall and SELinux.

I'm using openSuse 10.3. I know netfilter, but I'm looking for a
personal firewall
that notify me when an application requires access to the Internet.

That's going to be a big problem. In the Win environment, software gets
installed without your knowledge or requires access to the internet when
you aren't expecting it. Firewall software like Zone Alarm intercepts
internet traffic and "holds" it for your approval/rejection. Linux
wisely reserves maintaining the firewall to root; which means that you
should send the messages to root which wouldn't show up unless you are
using your system as root - a dubious practice.

All Linux software I've seen has always included documentation that
states what IP (or UDP) port(s) will be needed to properly use the
software. I believe that most Linux administrators want to keep tight
control over installed software, not make on-the-fly decisions to allow
internet access to random pieces of code.

Phil Sherman

I have seen one available, but I tried it out and it didn't seem to perform
as advertised. Perhaps Phil has the reason why.

I am running Mandriva Linux with its supplied firewall. Basically
the "firewalls" are frontends to iptables. One that I liked was Guarddog, which is for KDE only. It may be on
your installation disks.

Personally, under Windows, I found the continual prompting of ZoneAlarm a
big distraction, although it can be set to do everything automatically
(which you don't want, anyway.)


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