Re: sticky bits, owner,

On Mon, 05 Nov 2007 14:51:56 +0000, Darren Salt wrote:

I demand that Stefan Palme may or may not have written...


Setting the default ACLs for that directory and all subdirectories should be
# setfacl -R --set d:g::rwx /var/lib/zope

(If not done as root, you won't be able to set the ACLs for files owned by

This overrides the umask setting, effectively enforcing 0002 for
newly-created objects ("getfacl /var/lib/zope" to see why); and the ACLs are
propagated to newly-created subdirectories.

Thanks, this is probably exactly what I am searching for.

Currently "getfacl /var/lib/zope" gives me:

But I guess, this happens, because I don't have support for ACLs
in my running kernel (according to the setfacl man page in this case
simply the "normal" permission bits will be used).

Is it a problem to simply recompile the kernel with ACL support enabled?
Or do I have to re-create the filesystem in the next step?

Thanks and regards