Computer on network connected to the Internet

This is actually a Windows firewall problem, but I am asking it here because
with Windows, one simply clicks a button. Under Linux, one knows and
understand why we click the button.

I have a router connected by Ethernet to my Linux box (Mandriva Spring) and
by wireless to my wife's laptop running Windows XP. Both XP's own firewall
and the installed CA Security suite claim that for maximum security, the
Windows box must be totally isolated from the network, because it has
access to the Internet. This means that it can't be part of Samba, or it
may infect my Linux box (don't laugh), so it can't use my printer (which is
the only reason I installed Samba.)

I decided that this setting was too extreme and idiotic, so I dropped the
security level there sufficiently to allow networking and SMB. Her box
still can't send emails, and her firewall is blocking them. Apparently it
is still in the "cotton-wool" zone - there, but deprived of all usefulness.
What I probably need to do (but I haven't yet) is to move emails or OE into
the same intermediate zone. And I have been cursing Windows for something
that wasn't their fault.

I know that everything in life is compromise. What is a reasonable way of
tackling this?

BTW, CA has an anti-zombie setting. If it detects that mass emails are
going out, it blocks them, but that isn't what is stopping my wife's one
email a month. OE says it can find the SMTP server, but can't connect to
it. Totally disabling the firewall allows the connection.

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