Re: Password Problem in RH Linux ES

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I have a PowerEdge 2950 Server with Red Hat Linux ES version

I boot it up, and eventually it asks for a user name and password. But
I was
not given any user name or password.

I understand that I can boot with a CD and then create/edit the user
and the
associated password. What CD (I did not get one) and where do I get



If you own the machine, you can boot into single user mode, and change
the password, or create an account.

If using grub (you should see a blue bootup screen), press "a",
"space", "1", "enter"
a 1
That will boot to single user mode.

Then you can change the root password

Then reboot Ctrl-Alt-Del

You should create user accounts other than root. Use the useradd
useradd someone
passwd someone

Here is a link to my article on this topic:

What if I'm smart enough to require a password for single user mode? If
someone that doesn't have root has physical access to the machine I
might as well have added them to the wheel group.

You can always over-write the master boot record with grub using
bootable media in recovery mode.

Users should know that they are not allowed to change accounts.
People who are not sysadmins should generally not have root. Even
sysadmins should use sudo, so that the logs show who did something
rather than root did something. If a user knows enough to get access
to a locked-down system, maybe they should be helping you solve
problems on other machines.

If you are managing accounts with NIS or LDAP, you can have the /etc/
passwd and /etc/group files overwritten with cron, or even ignored
(maybe not a good idea), if desired.