Re: Choosing a firewall.

On 5 Apr, 10:33, "Gerry \(The MOTH\)" <Gerry (TheMOTH)> wrote:
I'm new to linux and using Firestarter via Ubuntu, from what I understand
all these firewall applications are just a GUI for the built-in iptables.

I'd like to think I know what I'm doing, and would also recommend

Because of the way (every-other-operatirng-system-apart-from-
Misrosoft's) work, its not really practical to allow/disallow client
connections on a per-executable basis - and if you do run on Microsoft
it's relatively easy to fool so doesn't really help much.

(yes I know about app-armour and similar, but I didn't think it would
help the discussion at this point).



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