managing iptables firewall using a web interface

Hi guys, i wonder if some could help me.having written up the rules
for my firewall using bash scripting, i am faced with the problem of
how to merge this scripts with a web interface (created with php) if
you get what i mean. In other words i dont know how to get a section
of the script to be executed when a particular event occurs. e.g I
have a button on the Web GUI which says: Block ICMP pings. now my
question is how do i get the section of my firewall rules script
dealing with the blocking of ICMP pings to be executed when that
button is clicked by a user? hope i am making myself clear here. I've
had a look at Guarddog firewall but
cannot really figure this out. any posts highly appreciated. thanks

Edit: Basically i want to be able to manage my firewall using a web
interface (like e.g Guarddog. firestarter etc) rather than manually
typing in commands in a terminal

thanks in advance for any posts