Re: Proxy with P2P

On Feb 22, 6:01 pm, Ertugrul Soeylemez <use...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
"George Exarchakos" <gexarcha...@xxxxxxxxx> (07-02-22 08:37:30):

I'd like to know whether the proxy can stand in between all the
incoming and outgoing rtaffic of a specific P2P application. Some P2P
apps have a specific listening port but may open a different port for
sending a file that was requested. Does the proxy stands in between
this outgoing traffic? If not, what is the reason? and can we program
it to do it without changing the P2P client?

No need to reinvent the wheel: The SOCKS 5 proxy server protocol
supports inbound connections to the client.


Many thanks Ertugrul, that was very helpful. The way I see it is that
a proxy can actually stand in between any communication of an

Many thanks,
-- George