Linux IPTables tutorial pdfs and plain text available

I posted a while back notice about an IPTables tutorial series which goes from nothing to EVERYTHING.
I had a conversation with old guy back then and as per request I would like to announce the fact that PDF versions of each part and also plain text archives (for easy searching) are available for download and since I plan on writing more of there (I think noone really explains all aspects of IPTables), all further parts will be available as PDF/TXT immediately.

If you want to check the newest part (IPTABLES Part 4: IPTAbles and Portsentry, the dynamic duo) and the others online, I made an index so I don't have to post all the URLS:

and if you want to go straight to the PDF/TXT's (this is also where the scripts for PART 4 are located at):

I know the texts are far from perfect, however I have to mention that English is not my first language, it isn't even my second.

As usual, comments and constructive criticism are welcome.