Re: pdf digital signature under linux

Phil Sherman wrote:
I'd start with the documentation for the software you have installed
that you will use to perform the signing. Remember, you need to use a
standard that all of your recipients will be able to use to verify the
document is indeed yours.

Try "man gpg" or "man pgp" from a command line, depending on which
product you have installed. Do a search on the web for "signing files"
or something similar to learn more.

You'll probably have to take take your pdf file and run it through a
signing program. All will require your private key to do the signing.
The recipient will need to verify the signature and strip the signing
information out of the file before using it. An alternative is to
produce a checksum (ie SHA1) of the file then sign the checksum. This
works well for an open downloadable file on the web because the
recipient can use the file immediately and verify the checksum if needed.

Phil Sherman

bcochofel wrote:
Hi, I want to know how to digitally sign my .pdf documents (generated
using pdflatex) under linux?
Hi have a digital signature (from and want to use it
with my docs.

Wow, does the top-poster ever miss the point!

I doubt pdflatex supports signed pdfs. The one thing the top-poster got
right was to check the documentation for whatever you're using to create
pdfs. The only software I've ever seen that supported it was genuine
Adobe, but I've never really needed to look very hard. If the docs
don't go out of the way to point out support for signed pdfs, then the
software probably doesn't support it.

Bottom line: If the software you're using doesn't support signatures,
you need to use different software. The better question is "What pdf
creators support incorporation of signatures?"

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